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    If you’re ready to give up on your diet because you’re tired of always feeling hungry and tired, it’s time to rethink your diet plan. Give the following foods a shot to see if you’re better able to meet your weight loss goals. Read >>
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Fill Up on This

Eat low calorie and still feel satisfied with these food choices.

If you’re ready to give up on your diet because you’re tired of always feeling hungry and tired, it’s time to rethink your diet plan. Eating healthily and losing weight doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Yes, many fad diets or extreme calorie-restrictive diets will leave you with a gnawing hunger most of the time. And while these diets will lead to quick weight loss, as soon as you return to your old eating habits, the pounds will pile back on. But you don’t have to get deep into a fad diet to see results. For lasting results, the trick is to eat foods that are filling yet still delicious and low-calorie.

Filling foods fall into one of four categories. First, a filling food may contain protein. Of the three types of macronutrients, protein provides the most satiety. Fiber is the second ingredient of filling foods, and the bulk of fiber slows digestion so food stays in your stomach longer. Third, filling foods often contain a lot of air or water, making them take up space. And lastly, they’re low in calories compared to how much they weigh.

If you’re ready to hang up the fork and knife on your diet, don’t do it just yet. Give the following foods a shot to see if you’re better able to meet your weight loss goals.


Skip the white toast or bowl of sugary cereal for breakfast and fill up on eggs. They may take a little extra effort to prepare, but they’ll keep you feeling fuller for longer. One of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat (especially when you consume the yolk), eggs provide a complete source of protein. Eat eggs for breakfast and you’ll eat fewer calories over the course of the day.

Greek Yogurt

Compared to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt contains much more protein. With a slightly different flavor and texture, find a type of Greek yogurt you like that’s low in added sugars. Enjoy a cup for breakfast or as a snack. Add some berries or fruit slices for even more filling fiber and nutrients.

Cottage Cheese

Another food that’s low in calories and fat but high in protein is cottage cheese. Find it in the dairy aisle at the grocery store and enjoy a cup. Some people like to add fruit or tomato slices to their cottage cheese. Just don’t sprinkle sugar or other unhealthy options and you’ll be golden!

Meat, Poultry, and Fish

Lean meat, poultry, and fish are known to be diet-friendly food options. This is because they’re all loaded with quality protein. Limit the amount of processed meats you eat, and choose lean cuts of meat, chicken, turkey, and fish. Instead of frying, prepare these foods by baking or grilling.


Soups made with reduced-fat, low-sodium broth and filled with vegetables, potatoes, peas, lentils, and beans, are all foods high in fiber. To cut out calories, skip the cream-based soups or those made with noodles. Pureed soups seem to have the same filling effect as chunky soups, so eat your fill of what tastes good.


Another great breakfast option for people looking for low-calorie, lasting fullness is oatmeal. High in fiber, particularly soluble fiber, oatmeal is ranked high on the list of foods that provide satiety. Compared to eating other breakfast cereals, eating oatmeal has been shown to help you eat fewer calories the rest of the day.


Pronounced “KEEN-wah,” quinoa is a grain that’s especially high in protein. Like eggs, quinoa is a complete source of protein because it contains all nine essential amino acids. It also provides more fiber than other popular grains. Eat quinoa as a side dish, in a salad, mixed in burgers, as a breakfast cereal, or added to soups.


Looking for a filling, low-calorie snack food? Look no further than air-popped popcorn. High in fiber and filled with air, popcorn is quite filling compared to how many calories it contains. The more salt and butter that’s added, the less healthy popcorn becomes, so use just enough to flavor it a tad and then stop!