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Workouts for People Who Hate to Work Out

Try one of these “workouts” to get your exercise. You may just end up liking it.

If you love to exercise, you’re lucky. Maybe it took you some time to get there, but now you look forward to spending time with your personal trainer at the gym. After all, these workouts help you reach your fitness goals, boost your mood, and give you energy, so what isn’t to like? However, some people really struggle with the idea of working out. They’ve tried it and quit over and over. Now, they don’t even want to step foot in a gym.

People hate exercise for different reasons. Perhaps it’s a fear of failure, sweat, and muscle soreness. Maybe it’s feelings of self-consciousness about their body, thoughts that it’s too expensive to exercise, or fear of the unknown.

A big reason why people hate to exercise is because they haven’t found a workout they enjoy. Don’t give up yet. Try one of the following “workouts” to see if you can jumpstart your exercise love affair.

Spend Time Outdoors

If it’s the thought of a crowded gym that irks you, change your workout venue to the great outdoors. It’s free and open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A little fresh air and vitamin D are bound to do you some good. Find a bike path, hike on a nearby trail, or take the dog for a walk through the park. Go as fast or as slow as you like. The goal is to move your body.

Time to Play

Stop thinking of your workout as a chore to dread and turn exercise into something fun. Become a kid again and play. Shoot a basketball, jump on the trampoline, play tag with your kids, go roller-skating, or ride bikes around the neighborhood. You’ll be surprised at how fast you get your heart rate elevated by being a kid again.

Go Geocaching

It’s like a giant treasure hunt. Who wouldn’t have fun doing that? Millions of geocaches are hidden around the world. Some are likely right down the road from where you are right now. Create an account online or with a geocache app, see the map of hidden geocaches near you, and use the app’s GPS to find the geocache. This will likely require some walking or hiking. When you locate the geocache, sign and date the ledger, and begin your quest for a new “treasure.” Have fun hiding your own geocaches for people to find.

Dance Fever

Dancing is fun and doesn’t feel like exercise. No wonder dance workout classes are so popular! If you’ve got the itch to move to the rhythm, there are lots of different types of dance classes to choose from: Zumba, ballroom, ballet, belly, jazzercise, hip-hop, tap, or square dancing are all available. A group setting can add to the fun and excitement of a dance class. If you’d rather get your exercise alone, just turn up your favorite dance tunes and start moving.

Video Games?

Instead of sitting around playing video games, get active with your gaming. Most video game consoles include an option to use your motion-sensing controller to get in shape. Xbox Fitness, Wii Fit, Just Dance, and Shape Up are a few of most popular fitness video games. Get your kids involved and create a friendly competition.

Sports Leagues

Who said sports leagues are for kids only? Your community likely offers adult leagues for a variety of sports. Were you a volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, or tennis star in high school? Maybe you weren’t but wish you were. It’s never too late to learn a new skill. Sign up for a sports league and have some fun getting in shape again.